CANET SYSTEMS is an IT company that provides services to cable operators (MSO). We provide our services to many subscribers of the intennet and telephony services.

We are a company that from the beginning of its existence is guided by meeting the highest standards in the field of solutions in DOCSIS cable networks. Many years of extensive experience, thorough analysis of market needs and tracking of changing trends and technologies allow us to prepare software that meets the requirements of each cable operator. The highest quality and integration of the latest solutions in cable networks is the goal of our business.

Our technical team consists of experienced engineers working for years in DOCSIS networks, managing UNIX / Linux systems, IP networks and voice applications.

The CANET SYSTEMS team successfully completed many integration projects. We provide services for both national operators with multiple locations, as well as small local operators with one network.

We prepare our solutions in accordance with the assumptions of SOA architecture: thanks to the ready API, we can integrate with any billing system, OSS / BSS or CRM solutions.


After-sales support offered by our company guarantees that you can always count on us.


We are available 24/7 to make you feel safe.

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Wsparcie nie kończy się na sprzedaży. Ważniejsze jest utrzymanie dobrych relacji po sprzedaży w trakcie użytkowania Systemu DPS. Jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji.


Free system updates to the latest version.

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Utrzymamy system w najnowszej wersji, z usprawnieniami i nowymi funkcjami!


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Sami wybierzcie oczekiwany czasu reakcji na zgłoszenia.


Introduction to the use of our system brings satisfaction and a stream of benefits for our clients. 100% of customers confirm that the decision to introduce the DPS system to their cable network was one of the most important.

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