Screenshot DPS 2

PROVISIONING access to the Internet.

  • full support for DOCISS 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0 and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems
  • support for DOCISS / EuroDOCSIS and hybrid mode
  • complete provisioning of modems with WiFi (WEP / WPA, WiFi password, SSID name, transmission power, channel and others)
  • many independent locations (various networks / cities)
  • many service packages for each location
  • freely defined IP filters for each service package
  • ready support for many cable modems tested in commercial networks
  • management of the cable modem company
  • up to 3 queues: standard, defined by the operator and for the telephone service
  • Night Tariff support (eg 2x faster at night without rebooting the cable modem)

MONITORING of cable modems.

  • transparent Dashboard with graphs of the most important network parameters
  • US / US SNR / DS / DS SNR charts for a cable modem with history
  • detailed history for up to 7 days for each cable modem
  • reading online data from a cable modem on demand
  • reading cable modem logs
  • charts and statistics for each Upstream and Downstream port


  • full support for PacketCable and EuroPacketCable
  • support for many out-of-box eMTAs
  • management of general telephone service settings: code, packetisation, echo cancellation, silence suppresion, T.38 fax and other
  • service flows and clasificators for the telephone service in the configuration of cable modems


“The DPS product from CANET SYSTEMS is refined and constantly adapted to our needs. I recommend this solution primarily because of the good and professional contact with software developers.”

Łukasz Janowski, Administrator

“DPS perfectly meets our needs related to the management, diagnostics and supervision of the operation of Internet service distribution systems in our cable networks.”

Dariusz Mróz, Cable Television TeleŻet

“We chose DPS due to fixed license prices, flexibility, scalability, API access and development opportunities.”

Operator SME, Ameryka Środkowa

“DPS is a simple to master system and can be quickly implemented. The interface is useful and functional. The system has a good price-quality ratio.”

Sven Schönemann, Scheiba GmbH, Germany


  • full support for eMTA with SIP
  • the ability to work in a PacketCable / SIP mixed environment
  • management of SIP parameters such as digitmap or service activation codes
  • support for configuring cable modems supporting SIP

Telephone and MTA MONITORING.

  • list of recent conversations with the parameters MOS / PESQ / kodek / pakacja (depends on eMTA)
  • showing active conversations
  • charts for Upstream / Downstream ports for the number of active calls


ready API based on SOAP / XML to manage all provisioning and reading parameters of monitoring data from DPS

ready to use any SOAP / XML or REST interface to manage Telephone Service Servers or any other system